"With  Colors  around  the  World"

Exhibition at  DANK HAUS  of  Chicago


April - May, 2016 


New solo exhibition was on display at DANK Haus (German-American Cultural Center of Chicago).


The German Consul General of Chicago Mr. Herbert Quelle personally attended the opening to show his support and appreciation of Alexander's art.


Positive feedback and applause from the audience proved again that this exposition was successfully aimed to build a stronger cultural bridge between Germany and United States. It featured most recent artworks, created as a result of Alexander’s inspiration during his journeys across the world.


The paintings were presented in a wide range of mediums: oil on canvas, mixed media, water colors and graphic.


The European-American Network Alliance

On the photograph from Right to Left: 

Brigadier General Frank Lissner, Denmark, Danish Army, Senior National Representative of Denmark to US CENTCOM, Chairman of the Coalition

Brigadier General Gerd Bischof, Germany, German Airforce, Senior National Representative of Germany to US CENTCOM

German-American Artist Alexander Solotzew

President of EAN Bev Larson

Brigadier General Giovanni Magazzino, Italy, Italian Airforce, Senior National Representative of Italy to US CENTCOM

Brigadier General Mikael Christofferson, Sweden, Swedish Royal Airforce, Senior National Representative of Sweden to US CENTCOM

January 19, 2016 - Bonita Bay Club, Naples, Florida


As an avid supporter of the European-American Network Alliance, Alexander has been recently invited to participate in the meeting of Senior National Representatives of the Liaison teams to the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM). Senior European Military Leaders personally shared their perspectives on the changing face of terrorism in the Middle East with the members of EAN.


As a token of support to the community the Artist presented his artworks dedicated to Love and Peace. Alexander strongly feels that his Art has a wonderful way of establishing better communication between people. The Art is a great tool that should be used in building cultural bridges between the nations.


During the event, Solotzew received high praise for his paintings and compliments for the recent integration into American culture enriching it with his artistic vision.




Ⓒ Copyright Alexander Solotzew 2019, All rights reserved

Ⓒ Copyright Alexander Solotzew 2019, All rights reserved