November 2013 - Naples - Florida


“Naples Illustrated” talks about Alexander: “He works in so many mediums, and this exhibition is of painting all done in Florida. They are so full of life and spirit, very different than the paintings he has displayed in the past. Renowned throughout Europe for his “out-of-body” works, Solotzew was first introduced to America when the Gallery on Fifth held its grand opening in Mercato on January 25, when he created a mixed media painting in a live demonstration in just an hour and a half. Titled In the Circle of 99, the painting sold at a spontaneous auction held on the spot.


His return on November 1st 2013 promises to be just as entertaining and engaging, when Joseph Kiblitsky will join Solotzew. Kiblitsky, a renowned nonconformist artist, collector, publisher and director of the Russian Museum, will lead a discussion about Solotzew and the significance of his work to post-Soviet Russia and his latest works, which will go on display starting in November 1.      


The exhibition will include 20 large-scale oil and canvas, and mixed media paintings, all stemming from his time in Sarasota. These big—some as big as 75 inches wide—works of art are often charged with meaning and stories of love.  Solotzew's works often touch on themes of desire, eroticism, romance, compassion, longing, spirituality and friendship”.

The exhibition “Heat Wave” was open with the speech about Alexander Solotzew, as an international museum artist. Alexander was presented by the Director of Ludwig Museum in the State Russian Museum Mr. Joseph Kiblitsky who personally arrived to US from Germany.


Mr. Kiblitsky shared his insights about Alexander Solotzew: " I recognize true individuality of his style that can not be confused with any other artist. Alexander received a good training while studying in Russian Art Academy. Alexander has different transformations but never loses his unique style. His color palette and lines are vital for modern art. Alexander’s paintings deserve to be in serious museums all over the world. It is a real joy to see this exhibition and witness the continuous progress in Solotzew’s career as an international artist."


Honorary Consul to the Federal Republic of Germany Norma Henning was one of the honored guests at the “Heat Wave” exhibition. 

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