BERLIN - 2015


Alexander Solotzew presented the most recent artworks during Art-Berlin 2015 in September.


"Palast" gallery in Berlin opened doors to all Berliners to view the new exhibition from Sep. 12 through Oct. 12, 2015.


Palastgalerie, 10117 Berlin, Reinhardstr. 3
Parkplatz: Johannisstraße

Tel: 0170-1632230




Palast Gallery, Berlin
Front Window, Palast Gallery
Information on display
Palast Gallery 2nd floor
Exhibition Opening
A.Bodunov, A.Solotzew, R.Mikoleit
A.Bodunov, A.Solotzew, R.Mikoleit
Palast Gallery/ Ground Floor
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September 27, 2015: 


City of Annweiler am Trifels in Germany announced Alexander Solotzew's annual exhibition "Colors in My Life" to be opened in the main Exhibition

Hall (Hohenstaufensaal) downtown Annweiler.


The Vernissage was officially opened by the City Mayor, Mr. Thomas Wollenweber,

who presented Alexander with an outstanding laudation, followed by a warm welcome from Marina Solotzew (Alexander's wife and his manager) and a final

"Keynote" from the Artist himself.


Exhibition Dates: Sep. 27th -   Sunday        Official Opening 11:00 - 13:00

                                   Oct. 22nd -  Thursday     Official Closing   19:00 - 21:00


Exhibition was opened: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday from 16:00 till 19:00.

Marina and Alexander
Exhibition "Colors in My Life"
Mayor Mr. Thomas Wollenweber
Laudation at Vernissage
Welcome from Marina
Marina Solotzew - Presentation
Keynote from Alexander
"Colors in My Life" Exhibition
Colors in My Life Exhibition
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