Alexander Solotzew just returned to Germany from a long journey across Atlantic ocean which gave him wonderful inspiration to create series of paintings reflecting his artistic perception of different cultures.


The Maestro, who crossed many borders and passed the limits long time ago, was setting the goal to learn about the world and to find his own way to express it through his colorful palette.


The new exhibition "Art without Limit" will take your breath away with beautiful scenes of European countries, reflecting their nature, life style and traditions. The artist will present his mastership in oil, water color, mixed media and graphic. 


After successful exhibitions in USA held in Naples, Tampa, Miami and Chicago,  Alexander keeps his devotion to Germany where he traditionally gathers all of his fans for the annual exhibition in November to share the results of his ceaseless work during the entire year. 



Ⓒ Copyright Alexander Solotzew 2018, All rights reserved

Ⓒ Copyright Alexander Solotzew 2019, All rights reserved