Most people would like to be updated on a daily progress of Alexander´s paintings. We heard many times from our collectors and art fans "What is in the works?". In appreciation for their genuine interest we decided to create the page called News. Here you can see the actual artworks that were recently created and some are still been worked on.


Playing recently with one of the Platon's phylosophical concept of who we really are "Puppets or Puppeteers?", the Artist has developed some new ideas which inspired him to create the series of paintings called "People and Puppets".


The new painting presented above is called "Chicago Night Lights". It is a 60´´ by 60´´oil on canvas painting depicting the aerial view of Chicago at night. Alexander was fascinated with the sunset in Chicago downtown. After sleepless nights he finally poured his idea on the canvas.


Standing in front of this painting you have an amazing feeling of flying over Chicago city. The dark and intense blue skies on the horizon are still holding the reflection of a sunset that left slight turquoise shade on the back. The almost blinding city lights shine through the night, showing the river of life in a modern megapolis.




Alexander has been working on the new series of paintings called "Tango in Paris". He has developed an interesting idea of incorporating human anatomy with architectural structures. Contrast of red, black and white colors create a classical look. The two tango dancers are absorbed in a passionate dance, radiating the sparkling energy around them. No one is left indifferent to this, even the old historical buildings are reflecting the dance with a various tilting angles. "Tango in Paris" is captivating and provoking at the same time. Meanwhile, the Artist offers few secret signs to unfold to the inquisitive viewers. Alexander visited Paris often and always wanted to create a special element of Parisian flirt in his artworks. The audience feels at ease with this painting and everyone recognizes something very personal and can feel related to it.

"The Guardian Angel"


There are some dreams that convey special meanings to us.


A beautiful and relaxed woman expresses our natural human longing for an immediate answer or a dream interpretation.


The Guardian Angel who always protects everyone of us each step of the way is laying beside the woman.


As life always offers us different options, the Angel is holding an answer in his hand. The little bird - a symbol of free will.


You can keep it or let it go.


The choice is really yours.





After returning to Florida in January this year, Alexander continues series dedicated to Florida lifestyle and leisure.


With just a few strokes of the painting "Fruity Woman" Alexander was very surprised that the first coat of paint looked so fresh and almost weightless on the canvas. He liked this and decided to leave the painting "as-is".


The "Fruity Woman" disarms the audience with her innocent simplicity, though it looks almost unfinished. The Artist conveys the idea of life with clarity.


The woman offers her fruits with a sweetness of sensuality. Each fruit has its symbolic meaning:  apple is temptation, water melon is fertility and grapes - love intoxication. 




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