About the Artist

“To paint - for Alexander Solotzew - is an untiring creative process. It is not the career simply encouraging the Artist, but rather his destiny to discover the beauty in this world.


“As long as I live - I will paint”  declares Solotzew, an artist who, with all his heart and all his soul, is living for the art. Love, light and color are three vital elements that constantly move and inspire Alexander. The world and the human beings with their emotions and desires are the most important subjects in his paintings. The art is coming from his heart when the real people and their feelings breathe life into his creations!”


Thomas Angelou M., PhD, Art Historian and Critic, Karlsruhe, Germany

"Movement is always highlighted and heightened in Solotzew’s works. The objects, figures and color palettes have a spiral pattern of movement. His paintings depict multiple floating figures with jagged outlines and broad brush strokes, a clear inspiration from Marc Chagall. Reminiscent of the spectacle of ballet or circus acts, Solotzew’s painted figures appear to completely transcend the limitation of gravity."


Aimee Rubensteen, Art Historian and Curator, New York, USA


“Solotzew’s oil paintings merge the folk traditional floating figures and cubist space of early 20’s century Russian Masters like Marc Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky with his personal vision of contemporary day life. Alexander’s artworks are filled with jewel-like palette and his poetic narratives are versatile and captivating.”


Francine Koslow-Miller, PhD, Art Historian and Critic, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Today is a special day to celebrate the quality of Alexander Solotzew’s art. Solotzew is an international avant-garde artist with amazing prospects. Knowing very well the creativity           and capacity of Alexander Solotzew, I could characterize him as an “artist par excellence” with exceptional talent and great potential. The unique personality of Alexander Solotzew         is so vividly expressed in his artworks that his style will never be confused with any other artist.   He transforms himself in different stages in Europe and in United States. The change

of Solotzew’s moods and attributes of his style are very important in the development of modern art. Solotzew remains one of the most prominent representatives of the Russian avant-garde in Europe and US. I believe that most of his artworks should be in museums

of the world.”


 Joseph Kiblitsky. Publishing Director of State Russian Museum in St. Petertsburg, Director of Ludwig Museum                                                   


"The paintings surrounding you create a bright tropical garden of love and human secrets. Secrets on the faces of people, in their hands and in their movements.  Here, love and hope       is always present. Solotzew’s paintings convey the vivid palette of our world – their colors, shimmering in the frames, create the atmosphere of celebration, symbolizing the triumph 

of human love. The art of Alexander Solotzew screams and whispers:

People be happy, because God and love are on your side!


Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, Award-Recipient of “Silver pen of Russia”, Founder of Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus



Similar to the strong cultural identities present in Italy and France, Alexander Solotzew       feels that his Russian identity is unique and it has affected him as a foreign artist immersed

in West European culture. Since early age he has been fascinated with the "Masters" like Marc Chagall, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Vrubel and Matisse. 


People often refer to Alexander as "Reincarnation of Chagall". And indeed, much inspired by this artist, Solotzew continues his own song dedicated to love and affection.


For over forty years Solotzew remains faithful to his genuine style of figurative art which can be described as a fusion of cubism and realism.  Solotzew's artworks are so unique that have been always recognized by the exuberant color palette and his masterful brush strokes.


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